Friday, January 22, 2016

Pinterest Project #141 First of 2016

I have been gone a little while..taking some time with my family and taking a break from painting.
I am getting back in the swing of things now!
This evening I wanted a salad for dinner..just a simple salad with a piece of blackened salmon on top.
I mainly wanted the salad.
I went food shopping today and got all the ingredients for my salad.
I debated upon getting a whole head of iceburg..I like it..or Romaine hearts or a bag of salad.
Decided on the Romaine Hearts and Vegetable Mix made by  Dole.
The bags of salad were on sale...YAY..2.00 a bag.
Wow we can get a few and have a really BIG salad tonight.
Came home...put all the groceries away...See you soon my dear salad...can't wait..
Pick my daughter up at school..tell her we are having a Big Salad for dinner...
Go to make dinner...Salad pretty...Lettuce, Cucumber, Radish, Peppers, Carrots, Croutons and Sharp Cheddar Cheese.
Was about to make home made Bleu Cheese dressing for my husband and myself..after I fed my daughter some of the Big Salad with Ranch dressing.
Ding Ding..on my phone...Facebook..what is this..I have to check because I am obsessed..yeah I know I am.
Check your manufacturers date..any starting with the letter A should be tossed.
I had already thrown the bags out..frantically run to the garbage..check bags...
OMG they start with the letter A
Grab the salad away from my daughter and ask her if she ate any..she had a few bites!
Get on the phone to the hotline to dole to find out if this is tainted.
Number is not working
Research Google for an hour..
Find out it is the "Italian Mix"
Throw it out anyway and decide to never buy DOLE again or any bagged salad mix for that matter!!!!!
Made a beautiful piece of salmon with a baked potato!
Here is the recipe.. :)


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