Monday, September 15, 2014

Cracking a smile Cake!

This was my moms birthday cake.
It cracked.
I had all good intentions for this cake
It was to be beautifully iced and fluffy with pink sugar crystals all atop the peaks. is my flat faced cracking a smile cake!

Here is the recipe:

Take a boxed cake mix
Let your 3 year old help make it by stirring and adding all the ingredients...
So far so good
Mix Mix Mix
Pour into cake pans
Slam cake pans down to get air bubbles out...
Turn to the timer on your stove
Get distracted while setting it by your 3 year old
Do not set it
Forget how long the cake is supposed to be in the oven
Take it out too early
Let it cool completely...(umm...not so much)
Ice it beautifully and fluffy ( yeah...ok)
Let it Crack
Add googly eyes.


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