Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mickey Mouse Watermelon Snacks..

About 6 months ago my daughter insisted on having all of her fruit whole and not cut up at all.
That is what she wanted..with no exceptions to that rule!
 So I went along with it..for the most part ( no Grapes!! I cut her grapes so small they looked like raisins)
Anyway.......going forward...
She is over that whole deal of wanting to eat humongous pieces of fruit or anything else for that matter...finally!
I make her these for a nice snack now and she seems to love them
But..she loves Mickey Mouse to the Moon and Back anyway..so I guess it is not that big of a deal...

I am sure you could use any old cookie cutter you have laying around and think of some very festive ideas..
How about stars for the 4th of July..just cut them out and freeze them...plop them in your drink... ;)
The possibilities  are endless...Cheers!

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