Friday, January 17, 2014

Pinterest Project #45 Parmesan Honey Pork...Not a keeper :(

Well as you all know I love to try out new recipes! Emm and I made a beautiful Schiacciata today!( I will be posting pics soon...we have many variations to try yet!)
It was our first try and I think it came out very good...we put tomatoes and sea salt and olive oil..more salt next time and maybe olives...but regardless...
This Pinterest project..this Honey Paremsan PORK...YUCK smelled good to start..and than became just nasty.
I was really reluctant to feed my husband it...but he ate it...good boy..
He hated it..
We hated was just "off"
I knew this going in..and God only knows why I continued to make this recipe.
It was waste of money and time.

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