Monday, December 30, 2013

2 New Kitties Bunny and Bella I just Love my Black Cats

Since my Alley cat has passed away I have felt empty. I did not want to replace her and I never will ever be able to replace her. I did  know that I always needed to have a cat in my life though...I have always had cats. Alley was with me for 13 years...and I had my Angel cat before her for 14 I have always had a cat as my side kick and companion. I love animals so very much and when Alley died I was so sad. I did not know if I was ready to jump in for another kitty yet. She has not even been gone 2 months but the other day as I was having my coffee in the morning I just got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go out and adopt another cat. I needed to was urgent. When my husband woke up I told him  I was ready...I was ready to go adopt a cat. He nodded his head in agreement and we both looked at each other like we do when we know a decision has been made.
The next day while Emm was napping Eric went to the humane society to find out how to go about adopting a new cat. He played with a lot of cats and filled out all the paperwork.
He came home and told me we were approved and we could go the next day to pick out our new cat.
He told me about this black kitten with no tail. I was of course interested and in love already.
I had a feeling I would want a black cat of course...but I went in with an open mind. I just thought I would know the cat that was to be mine.
 I still had the no tail kitten in mind and was afraid she would be gone by the time we got there.
When we arrived I saw the kitten with no tail immediately. She was right in the front..sleeping. What a little cutie! Her name was Apple Jackie...and the owner could not take care of her so she was put up for adoption.
Eric went up to the desk to sign in and Emm and I stared at the precious little kitty sleeping.
Within a few minutes a vet tech came in and was opening the cage to my little no tail kitty...( Yes she was mine already)
I asked her what she was doing...did someone adopt her? She told me no...she was taking her to another shelter to be adopted.
I immediately asked her...if we could adopt her! I wanted her and needed her and that was it.
She said of course you can. I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY.

If we had gotten there 5 minutes later my apple Jackie/Bunny would not have been there! It was meant to be!
So no tail is ours...her name is Bunny now... She has no tail and HUGE bunny feet.
In the mean husband had met a cat that he Loved named Dimitri.
He wanted to adopt him as well.
We looked all over for him but could not find him. After an hour of searching  we found another little one named Marbles...who is now called Bella who we adopted as well.
Bella is still shy...she has been hiding since we got her home but we are confident that she will fit in with our family.
Our dog Rudy has fallen in love with Bunny and they are already playing.
I am so happy to adopt these 2 beautiful cats and would urge anyone who is thinking of getting  a cat or a dog to check your local humane society and give these precious animals a home.

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