Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pinterest Project #9 Peppermint Serving Tray

Well this is a pinterest project I just LOVE!!

The original pin/link is HERE
My first attempt did not work. :(
I believe it had something to do with my cookie sheet being older than dirt..and it warped in the oven shifting the mints all over the place.

My second attempt WORKED GREAT...I used a pyrex pie dish.

First excited..yay yay...
Opened the oven and saw the mess I created and was not so thrilled....
So  I flipped it over on top of a small bowl to try to make a bowl out of it instead of a tray...
I was trying anything to salvage this work of art.. ;)

In the end I broke off the sides and was left with a jagged edged bowl...ehh..not so great...

Second attempt here in the pie dish...much neater and precise with the placement of candies...LOL

It came out PERFECT

Not sticky at all and came right off the parchment paper...
I am going to seal this to see if it will keep to use for another year..we will see.
I am very happy with the project and plan on making some more if I have time in the next few days.


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