Friday, September 7, 2012

Pinterest Project #4

I found this pin for Homemade Miracle Cleaner on Pinterest.
Original link is from moderndaymoms T
he Stain remover is made from Peroxide and Dawn Dish Detergent and is as follows:
1 part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (the original blue kind)
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide Mix together and pour directly on the stain.
I put mine in a spray bottle.
Make sure you RINSE this out before putting it in the washing machine as it does create alot of bubbles!
But...see for yourself how well it works!!
Emm is a messy eater sometimes..this evening we had spaghetti and she also had some choclate pudding for desert...well you can imagine it was a bit messy. I took pictures to show you how well this stain remover works.

This is a definite Success!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Definitely making that! Thanks, lady. :)

- Kylee