Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For My Mom

When daisies are not cared for they tend to wilt and fade.
But if they are loved and nurtured they will stand up tall today. I am your daisy Mother and you made me big and strong. You kept me right beside you and loved me all along. When the sun was covered by a cloud you gave me all your light. You suffered through the darkness so I would become bright. You taught me to stand BIG and TALL and not bend towards the wind, and even though I would sometimes fail you would make me try again. You sheltered and protected me from all who came around...and tried you very hardest to keep me in the ground. For you wanted nobody to pick me and take me far from home and make you finally realize that I was fully grown. Well I was picked my dearest Mom and I am no longer home...but all that you have taught me is strongly etched in stone. Sometime in the future I will have a little daisy too.. Still I can only hope and pray to do my job as well as you.
JoAnn Biccum 1996

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! <3

- Ky