Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest Project #1 I am addicted to  Pinterest
There are so many fabulous ideas and crafts and recipes..the list goes on and on.
I have decided to document my Pinterest projects here.
Success or Failure...they will get posted here.

My first project....Cleaning Dirty Crusty Car Headlights

I had been researching how to clean the headlights on our old car for about a month.
I found a place that sells a solution but it was a bit expensive.

Well I was browsing Pinterest I came across a pin specifically about cleaning dingy headlights!!!

I was soooo excited and wanted to try this I did.

This pin actually was on eHow

You take toothpaste and a dry cloth
I used a dollar store magic eraser and it worked great!

Put some toothpaste on the dry cloth or magic eraser and scrub the headlights in a circular motion.
Depending how crusty they are you may need to add some elbow grease as well!

Rinse thoroughly...I did not do this at first..and after a minute or two went back and rinsed again.

Here are my before and after pics...
You decide if  this is a success or a failure..
I am voting Success and maybe I can see at night now while driving...LOL

This is the dingy headlight before scrubbing

Toothpaste and circular motion scrub

Dollar store magic eraser ( love them)


The pictures could have been better...but honestly it really WORKED for me
I think one more scrub and they would be really sparkly.

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